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What is dimensional weight calculation?

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Dimensional weight is a standard formula used in the freight industry that considers volume when determining charges.

This billing technique is used to calculate the shipping fee for a package that is much bigger than what it actually weighs.

Dimensional Weight calculation:

L x W x H / 166

L = Length in inches

W = Width in inches

H = Height in inches



A child car seat that has a cubic size of 19inches x 18inches x 26inches and weighs 23 lbs.

Although the item weighs only 23 lbs, its shipping fee will be based on dimensional weight due to its bulky size.

19 x 18 x 26 / 166 = rounded up to 54 lbs

Thus, the child car seat that weighs 23 lbs would be charged as if it weighed 54 lbs.

Packages subject to dimensional-weight pricing include the following items,

which are much bigger than their actual weight: Furniture (includes nursery products), l

arge toys & dolls, baby bath tubs & car seats, luggage, bicycles, large musical instruments and bedding products.

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