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Care package (From family, friend, social media seller) to Korea

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At the end of the year, many packages from U.S. families arrive at our address.

Most of them are Christmas presents, So we hope the family package arrives well before Christmas.

However, there may be a delay in sending a package because there is no communication between families in the U.S. and recipients in Korea.

Please keep in mind the below note to prevent delays in the family package.


1. Please write the details of the items on the delivery request form

Family packages often include items that are not on the request form or are not in the right number.

Even if it's a gift, the sender has to write down the exact item name, price, and number so that there is no problem with the customs declaration.

If the sender writes down the items' details of the package on paper and puts it in a box, it will help us send the package to Korea.


2. Please check the exact information of the recipient

Even if you send a surprise gift that the recipient does not know, please check the recipient's Full name and customs number in advance

In the case of a surprise gift, the recipient does not know that the package has arrived in Korea, so even if the customs send a text requesting customs information, the recipient considers it spam and ignores it, which may cause delays in customs clearance


3. Used products also need price information

When sending used clothes or toys for Christmas, please write down the approximate price even if it is not worth it

We cannot arbitrarily write down the price of your items and send it to Korea

If it's a used item, please write it down as follows

EX) Bulky used clothing 15 pieces  $50



 Thank you for using our site in 2023, and We hope you have a great end of the year



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